BTS - Shane Arsenault 2017 Promo Mailer

Here is the final product for my 2017 Mailer Promo - over the course of a couple months, I partnered with local graphic designer, Fran Motta, to create a well conceptualized booklet to send out to agencies, magazines, and companies of the like to make new friends and connections in the city. The main concept of the promo, "Let's build something together.", is displayed below, but the end product also contains a total of 20 hand selected images from my portfolio to create the small packaged booklet. Creating this booklet has been so much fun, and I already have plans for my next mailer to come out in September. 

90% of the photographs I make are made in camera, so I have begun to create short time lapse video's of me working in order to show what happens behind the scenes and how I come to a final photograph - they are really fun to watch. 

I hope you enjoy this post. 


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Promo Photograph.jpg