For the duration of March, Natalia and I took the opportunity to make our way down to Ecuador (where Natalia is from), to visit her family and travel around the country. While Ecuador is considered a small country in relation to its physical size, it varies drastically in regards what the land has to offer. Go one way and your in the Andes mountain range standing on Volcanoes (with air so thin, locals say your heart can explode), exploring busy Spanish colonial cities with un-believable Baroque architecture, and are constantly taking in beautiful mountain views. Travel another way, and you find yourself completely immersed in the Amazon Jungle where the bars on your phone are non existent, the bathroom in your hut is shared with bats/insects/frogs/tarantulas, and the local indigenous people teach you how to make Yukka bread - from root to plate. Lastly, head another direction and you'll end up at the Galapagos Islands where your learn about the legacy of Charles Darwin, scuba dive in volcanic reefs with an infinite variety of sharks/manta rays/octopus'/seals, hang out with turtles two centuries old, and ultimately eat dinner with fish so fresh it may as well  be alive. 

Below is a collection of photographs that I made over the course of our time spent travelling through Ecuador. These images take you on our journey and provide some visual's to go along with my short write up above. The first section of photographs are all taken with Fuji Instant film - and the second section of images are all shot of 35mm film. Thank you to Katherine Phipps and Lomography for collaborating on creating creating this project with me and supplying all the materials - much appreciated. 

Counting down the days till I go back. 

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