Facades focuses on the monotony of architectural facades while still providing recognition to the intimate details they reflect; in turn, provoking an exploration on how these facades interact with us, and how their form contrasts the way we live.

Through the use of digital, medium format, and large format cameras, I am able to achieve the aesthetic I wish to portray. Inspired by Brutalist architecture, my fundamental approach to capture these facades compliments the static and still structures they truly are. Furthermore, through the control of form and perspective, the nature of symmetry and the meaning of pattern are invoked.

It is the process from scouting the location to composing the image to delivering a final piece that is where the concept of human interaction with facades and the actual image meet. It is integral for me to research the physicality of the inner city and connect with it in order to learn where my camera belongs and in what way to compose my subject. This is key in order for me to create my work, because while some of the pieces may come across “cold”, the connection I have with these structures is very articulate. Every step I take in order to achieve a final work is carefully considered. Since my subject matter is always static, I am able to invest considerable amounts of thought into my imagery before releasing the shutter, thus allowing me to focus on these intimate details.